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About GM Crops

What are GM crops? And why is Arnab not talking about it?

Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash (College students today, are arguably best poised to innovate and bring a change. Courtesy a simple net connection, a helping of curiosity and a large amount of zeal, they can keep pace with all the recent advancements while taking their first steps in their respective fields. So, in this assuredly irregular part of Snaptimes, we will help you know about Biotechnology, through the printing press of a college periodical, the Ribose Times. So, shall we?) It is a mark of our country's progress that in present times, there is no dearth of commentaries on shayaris, or about a bombing in Russia, or even on how to travel safely in Italy. We can afford to do this, taking for granted the food that turns up on our table. A phenomenon which is rather mystifying, for while we all aren't looking, the people whom we voted for are on the verge of changing the very nature of the food we eat. First, some background. GM crops are agricultural plants where the DNA is modified through genetic engineering. The objective is to introduce new characteristic(s) to the plant species, ones which do not occur naturally. They have their benefits and their drawbacks, and are already here. In fact, they may even be in your food! According to the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA), a lobby for biotech crops, cottonseed oil makes up 13.7 per cent of edible oil in India. But about 90 per cent of the cotton grown in the country is genetically modified Bt cotton. So can we then, let the consumer choose? If we tell them, that this is the GM crop-derived one, and this is the organic crop-derived one, now you choose, will that be practical? That, is the debate on GMO labelling. Is it good, or is it even practical? GMO labelling will ease the concerns of consumers by letting them know where their food really comes from. This transparency can only help restore confidence of the consumers in the food industry. BUT It would require large scale separation of food products. The food distribution system is not equipped to handle two different categories of food, which have to be handled and supplied separately. Meanwhile, the biggest producer of GM crops, Monsanto, went ahead and merged with Bayer, the chemicals giant. Basically, this created a behemoth which will produce both GM crops AND the pesticides for these crops. That's not all: People are worried that less competition will shrink up innovation because of which no new and improved crops would be introduced into the market. Many are even fretting that these giants will now hold power to manipulate the government for their own profit ignoring the requirements of the farmers. In India, the stakeholders believe that these mergers will narrow down choices for farmers. Bayer and Monsanto will become the major players in the seed sector and will contribute their share in maize, cotton, paddy, vegetables and agrochemicals. What now? Our government is thinking about allowing growth of GM mustard, something which would officially make us all consumers of GM foods. But away from how much of it sounds right or wrong, how many of us know the actual science behind it? How many studies done on its consumption - done by a neutral third party - are accessible? And can we not, at the least, have a say in what we eat?

A Sales Pitch for LinkedIn

What to DO and what not to DO on LinkedIn. From someone who knows.

Miss Anonymous has some advice for students. Listen up, all you placement seekers! Being a new entrant into the corporate world, I have been struggling and dealing with a lot of new contacts and people. Socializing! That is the way I meet new people, right? So...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram??  Ugh…actually no. Its LinkedIn!  Coming from school, I did have a LinkedIn profile, but never really bothered to update it.  Turns out, I should have.  Sitting for placements/internships, along with your CV, your LinkedIn profile is evaluated as well. So basically, LinkedIn is the corporate world’s Facebook.  In an induction, we were told about ‘the importance of LinkedIn’ and how it helps you fetch good opportunities and business. 80% B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn.  That raises a question: what are the DOs and DON'Ts for LinkedIn?   1. It's LinkedIn, not Facebook!  LinkedIn  Despite of both being socializing platforms (and blue in colour), there is a marked difference in how you present yourself on LinkedIn, when compared to Facebook. Don’t even think of posting your family outing pictures, or of updating statuses like 'Good Morning'.    2. Importance of a good Profile Picture.    Harvey Specter NO DOGS! NO POUTS! NO GLARES! You need to look presentable. A decent picture with sophisticated clothing, and a clear view of your face. It should represent your personality and give your contacts a good idea of how you look (purpose of a picture: p). Remember, neat and tidy wins the race.    3. Be careful of what you like and share!  Watch what you share.     Your interests on LinkedIn are reflected by what you like and share. All your contacts can see what you liked/shared, as it is displayed in their news feed. No business colleague of yours wants to know if you follow ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or not.   4. No Stalking.  Don't stalk.   Indians have great potential in stalking others. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) makes us check out our peer’s profile every now and then. But hey! Don’t do that with LinkedIn.  The site has a tab where you can see the people who viewed your profile.  So in case you want to check out your ex’s profile, don’t use LinkedIn. 5. The curious case of InMail and Connect.  InMail Most of the hotshots of the industry have opted for a premium account, with which comes a service called InMail. This enables only selective people (the ones with a premium account too), to connect with this person. Result? More business oriented connections and communications. Not everyone is able to reach out to you. So in case you wish to speak with such a person, you need to shed some dollars. More like a professional’s DND. 6. Follow the correct people.    Follow the right people The more closely you screen and select your connections, the more relevant opportunities you get for business. It’s useless connecting to your aunts and uncles on LinkedIn. So click that ‘send to all’ invite wisely. 7. Experience matters!    How To Present Your Experience Work on your LinkedIn experience closely. Only update the relevant experience and participation details. Try categorizing them as: team work, organizing, research, the likes. That way, it looks more organized and clean. Experience should also, preferably, be chronologically arranged. 8. Bio-logic    Bio Matters. The importance of adding your accurate position and skills in your bio reflects on your visibility during employer searches. People search for business and employees online. With your correct skill set and position, you appear in the top searches, thus increasing your chances of getting hired/getting business.    These are the 8 golden rules you must keep in mind while building and maintaining your LinkedIn profile.   Recruitment season has started. Be well prepared for the rat race. All The Best!

Trending On YouTube

Can you make it big on YouTube? According to the Tapri Dudes, you will never know if you never try!

(Almost) all of the Tapri Dudes team! (This feature has been written in collaboration with & is about Tapri Dudes, a YouTube comedy channel started by an all-college goers group. Here, they tell us their story and about how they do what they do!) How we started (and stopped & started) We used to watch comedy content everywhere, like on TV and the net, but usme humein mazaa nahi ata tha; we thought that it could be funnier than this, and more than that, we could make it funnier than this. Working on that thought, we started with a channel FunX India. Initially, we began with our scripts; some scripts we wrote, some scripts we didn't, and some we just teared up. The first video we made had a good concept, but we were beginners; the whole thing was shot on a Lenovo phone camera. The final video ended up having so many flaws, and it looked so bad, that we deleted it. After that we made another one, Dream Vs Reality. It was a bit better, but it still wasn't as funny as we hoped it to be. We thought: yeh hamare bas ki baat nahi hai. So we stopped; we stopped making videos altogether and everyone went back to their studies. Some time after this, we met some new people who were all about doing videos, and so we all started a new channel Tapri Dudes. We uploaded one video, Couples Vs Singles; we monitored it for 15 days or so, but there was no special response. It seemed like it was a mistake, starting again. So we left it, again. Then, on January 2017, one of us was checking our old videos, and he saw that our last video had 50k views. Our first thought was that it was a fluke; but on monitoring, we saw that the views were increasing daily by around 5,000 or so. We realized that our videos were actually good, and the mistake was in us not making them. At present, Couples Vs Singles has more than 180k views; also, we had 300 subscribers in January. Now we have close to 2,000. Equipment Equipment is very, very important. What we use includes: Camera: We use a Nikon s7000 camera (around Rs. 13,000). A point-to-shoot camera will work; preferably get a camera which shoots well both indoors & outdoors. Stand: very important & absolutely required for stability. Mike: We use a Shure SM58 (Rs. 7,000-8,000) with attached wire (Rs. 1,500). Phone recording sucks; you will always need a mic to record sound. Laptop and software: We use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 5; it's paid, but a friend has a copy which we use I will emphasize again: proper equipment is very, very necessary. How do we get ideas? All of us just get together in the evening and talk about our next concept. Everyone comes up with their own ideas and there is never any shortage of new concepts; you won't believe the stuff our people come up with! Thing is, a video is never one person's idea. Everyone shares their own views and opinions on an idea and then, when everyone agrees to it, we make the video. Challenges Many. Location is very important, as you have to make sure that there are no unwanted sounds and that the lighting is good enough to shoot; apart from that, we never get rooms to shoot, and finding one is always an issue. We have to literally hide from our parents and make the videos, because they get very angry with us. Additionally, the society in which we live doesn't like us shooting there, so they have banned us from shooting inside. We manage though. That's our story till now. If you have any questions (or if you just want to say hi), do drop in a comment at any of our videos :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2FKSWrc8xc

Welcome to the Gym!

Getting fit, and staying that way. College people, listen up.

Getting fit, with Tushar Tripathi! (This post has been written in collaboration with Tushar Tripathi, the most FIT guy I know. For any queries, you can look at & also contact him on his Facebook page. From diet to workout, he will reply to all your doubts!) Awe inspiring abs, biceps and chests may adorn every third billboard; that doesn't make them any easier to obtain. And if your day job is being a college student, then, well...The question is, in the midst of all the assignments, exams, varying food timings and even quality (for all the brothers of the Hostel's Watch), how is one supposed to attain & maintain, if not Adonis-like, then at least a fit physique? Here are some broad guidelines, and tips. What to eat? And how much? On what to eat, it can include lots of things like chicken breast, whey proteins, peanuts, egg whites, etc. No, what matters is your weight, and what sort of fitness are you planning to achieve. Umm... Let's say that your weight is 70 kg. Say your body fat% is 15% (there's a way to calculate it online; alternatively, you can message the trainer himself :p) of your total weight. Subtract your body fat from your weight, and what you get is your lean muscle mass. Now, convert LMM to pounds ( multiply by 2.2). Done? Now, for every pound of muscle mass, you have to take 1-1.5g of protein. 1 is when you just want to maintain your current LMM ; 1.5 is the maximum you can (and should) take in, to increase your LMM. As you do that, your LMM increases, and your body fat decreases. Then emerges the new lean, shredded you. But...(looks down) I don't eat non-veg. Not a problem. There are enough alternatives in the world of Veg to help you achieve a body on par with the non-veg people. But...(sighs) I live in a hostel and (sobs) the food is pathetic. Again, not a problem. Some people go on the other extreme, and start eating everything from outside, because 'bhai, body banani hai!' But that's bullshit. You only have to look carefully at what's available in the hostel mess, and then eat. Like, dal is good, so are sprouts, but poori isn't (chill; you get cheat days too). It is to make up for what you don't get in the mess (or at your home), that you should eat outside. Whoa. But what about the workout? How do I do that? You probably know about the one body part a day scheme, like chest on Monday, legs on Friday, etc. However, what is important is that you know the proper form. Anyone can pick up a dumbbell and start lifting it; what makes you fit is lifting that dumbbell properly, so that it exercises the specific muscle it has to. For this, you should preferably look it up online; there are many fitness channels, and many good videos telling you the how to do it, the why are you doing it, and the where should it pain. Also, don't run after the heavier weights. Your workout doesn't have to be heavy, it has to be challenging. What about the time? I have assignments, I have exams, I have- 40-60 minutes is all you need for a proper workout. Any more than that is you fooling yourself into thinking that you're doing it well. Hope that helped :)

It’s FEST Time!

(Miss Anonymous wants to go out & party. But she is trapped in the quicksand of papers, exams and lectures, as she fights through her last year of college. But hey, you DEFINITELY can & should get out of home. Where? Let the generous Miss Anonymous guide you)  Along with the New Year, comes the season of festivals, competitions and conclaves in colleges. While most of us have great events and performances in our colleges itself, well… some just don’t. So why miss out on the fun? Gather your friends and and have a gala time! Whether you like the dance floor or the keyboard or the podium,  find out which of the below suit your taste: JIIT (Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology) JIIT will host its annual fest,’ IMPRESSIONS’ 2017. Last year the college witnessed a footfall of over 5000 students with an amazing performance by Nikhil D’Souza, among others. This year the band Astitva will perform live in the college. Along with this, an amazing cocktail of events have been prepared by the students for all. Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh Dates : 25 February 2017-26 February 2017 Website: http://www.jiitimpressions.com DTU (Delhi Technological University) Whether it comes to academics, or fun, DTU always seals the deal with a bang! This year, the DTU college festival ‘SYNERGY’’ will witness the coding ninjas unleash their coding and development to compete for prizes worth Rs. 2,00,000! Location: Rohini, Delhi Dates: 10-12th February 2017 Website: http://synergy.sddtu.org/ BML Munjal University The BMU fest, ‘67th Milestone’ will have a variety of activities,which will be a mix of unusual and new competitions and shows. The event will happen over a span of four days, and offer a platform for enthusiasts from all fields, including fashion, technical and cultural. The events include a variety of offerings, such as the Battle of Bands, BMU Masterchef, Fashion Curve, Night Treasure Hunt and a lot more. Location: Gurgaon, Haryana Dates: 01 March 2017-04 March 2017 Website: http://www.bml67.com Miranda House Miranda House, one of the most popular colleges of Delhi University will soon host their Annual Economics Conclave ‘ZENITH’ for 2017. The college will have events like  War of Words-(Slam Poetry competition), Case Study, D-Street Survivor (Mock stocks) and much more! Location: North Campus, Delhi Dates: 10-11th February 2017 Website: https://www.facebook.com/zenith.mh/ Miranda House will also host its cultural event ‘VigZest’, for the Science society. It will have events like Wordwar ( Debate Event), Decipher (Crossword Competition), Quizzicus (Science Quiz), The Pursuit ( Treasure Hunt) and lots more. Dates: 13th February 2017 Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/745539565600532/ IIT Jodhpur IIT Jodhpur’s ‘IGNUS’ has always remained a hit with its audience. This time too, their fest does not disappoint, with non-stop DJ dance floors and lots of prizes worth more than 10 lakhs! Events ranging from Ethical hacking to Android App Development, all will be a part of this fest! Location : Jodhpur, Rajasthan Dates: 23rd-26th February 2017 Website: http://ignus.org/