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Getting fit, and staying that way. College people, listen up.

February 18, 2017

Getting fit, with Tushar Tripathi!

(This post has been written in collaboration with Tushar Tripathi, the most FIT guy I know. For any queries, you can look at & also contact him on his Facebook page. From diet to workout, he will reply to all your doubts!)
A we inspiring abs, biceps and chests may adorn every third billboard; that doesn’t make them any easier to obtain. And if your day job is being a college student, then, well…The question is, in the midst of all the assignments, exams, varying food timings and even quality (for all the brothers of the Hostel’s Watch), how is one supposed to attain & maintain, if not Adonis-like, then at least a fit physique? Here are some broad guidelines, and tips.

What to eat? And how much?

On what to eat, it can include lots of things like chicken breast, whey proteins, peanuts, egg whites, etc. No, what matters is your weight, and what sort of fitness are you planning to achieve.


Let’s say that your weight is 70 kg. Say your body fat% is 15% (there’s a way to calculate it online; alternatively, you can message the trainer himself :p) of your total weight. Subtract your body fat from your weight, and what you get is your lean muscle mass. Now, convert LMM to pounds ( multiply by 2.2). Done? Now, for every pound of muscle mass, you have to take 1-1.5g of protein. 1 is when you just want to maintain your current LMM ; 1.5 is the maximum you can (and should) take in, to increase your LMM. As you do that, your LMM increases, and your body fat decreases. Then emerges the new lean, shredded you.

But…(looks down) I don’t eat non-veg.

Not a problem. There are enough alternatives in the world of Veg to help you achieve a body on par with the non-veg people.

But…(sighs) I live in a hostel and (sobs) the food is pathetic.

Again, not a problem. Some people go on the other extreme, and start eating everything from outside, because ‘bhai, body banani hai!’ But that’s bullshit. You only have to look carefully at what’s available in the hostel mess, and then eat. Like, dal is good, so are sprouts, but poori isn’t (chill; you get cheat days too). It is to make up for what you don’t get in the mess (or at your home), that you should eat outside.

Whoa. But what about the workout? How do I do that?

You probably know about the one body part a day scheme, like chest on Monday, legs on Friday, etc. However, what is important is that you know the proper form. Anyone can pick up a dumbbell and start lifting it; what makes you fit is lifting that dumbbell properly, so that it exercises the specific muscle it has to. For this, you should preferably look it up online; there are many fitness channels, and many good videos telling you the how to do it, the why are you doing it, and the where should it pain.

Also, don’t run after the heavier weights. Your workout doesn’t have to be heavy, it has to be challenging.

What about the time? I have assignments, I have exams, I have-

40-60 minutes is all you need for a proper workout. Any more than that is you fooling yourself into thinking that you’re doing it well.

Hope that helped 🙂

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