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Can you make it big on YouTube? According to the Tapri Dudes, you will never know if you never try!

March 2, 2017

(Almost) all of the Tapri Dudes team!

(This feature has been written in collaboration with & is about Tapri Dudes, a YouTube comedy channel started by an all-college goers group. Here, they tell us their story and about how they do what they do!)

How we started (and stopped & started)

We used to watch comedy content everywhere, like on TV and the net, but usme humein mazaa nahi ata tha; we thought that it could be funnier than this, and more than that, we could make it funnier than this. Working on that thought, we started with a channel FunX India. Initially, we began with our scripts; some scripts we wrote, some scripts we didn’t, and some we just teared up. The first video we made had a good concept, but we were beginners; the whole thing was shot on a Lenovo phone camera. The final video ended up having so many flaws, and it looked so bad, that we deleted it. After that we made another one, Dream Vs Reality. It was a bit better, but it still wasn’t as funny as we hoped it to be.

We thought: yeh hamare bas ki baat nahi hai. So we stopped; we stopped making videos altogether and everyone went back to their studies. Some time after this, we met some new people who were all about doing videos, and so we all started a new channel Tapri Dudes. We uploaded one video, Couples Vs Singles; we monitored it for 15 days or so, but there was no special response. It seemed like it was a mistake, starting again. So we left it, again.

Then, on January 2017, one of us was checking our old videos, and he saw that our last video had 50k views. Our first thought was that it was a fluke; but on monitoring, we saw that the views were increasing daily by around 5,000 or so. We realized that our videos were actually good, and the mistake was in us not making them. At present, Couples Vs Singles has more than 180k views; also, we had 300 subscribers in January. Now we have close to 2,000.


Equipment is very, very important. What we use includes:

Camera: We use a Nikon s7000 camera (around Rs. 13,000). A point-to-shoot camera will work; preferably get a camera which shoots well both indoors & outdoors.

Stand: very important & absolutely required for stability.

Mike: We use a Shure SM58 (Rs. 7,000-8,000) with attached wire (Rs. 1,500). Phone recording sucks; you will always need a mic to record sound.

Laptop and software: We use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 5; it’s paid, but a friend has a copy which we use

I will emphasize again: proper equipment is very, very necessary.

How do we get ideas?

All of us just get together in the evening and talk about our next concept. Everyone comes up with their own ideas and there is never any shortage of new concepts; you won’t believe the stuff our people come up with! Thing is, a video is never one person’s idea. Everyone shares their own views and opinions on an idea and then, when everyone agrees to it, we make the video.


Many. Location is very important, as you have to make sure that there are no unwanted sounds and that the lighting is good enough to shoot; apart from that, we never get rooms to shoot, and finding one is always an issue. We have to literally hide from our parents and make the videos, because they get very angry with us. Additionally, the society in which we live doesn’t like us shooting there, so they have banned us from shooting inside. We manage though.

That’s our story till now.

If you have any questions (or if you just want to say hi), do drop in a comment at any of our videos 🙂

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