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The Classic Tale Of the “Keep Calm” Poster

October 26, 2016

We all are aware about the “keep calm” poster that ‘keeps’ on coming to us via different media. Also do not underestimate the crown at the top, sitting there like it owns our senses already. Well seems everybody has something to add to these words. It doesn’t matter what emotions your ‘tiny head’ and your ‘big heart’ wants to pop out, this poster has all covered… like seriously.

But here’s what are actually the most ‘disturbing’ questions of the hour (at least for me), Where did it actually came from? Whose idea was it to make us mad and then give us this red and white kind of thing with a pat on our backs? Was it the famous psychologist who experimented on humans to make them go a little too deeply crazy or may be it was Newton again, with his hidden motive to finally help us with the heart-aching theories?

Let’s just take a trip to the rewind factory and explore how this product literally managed to come out. It was the phase of Second World War, 1939, when the British government came up with a motivational poster, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” It was designed by the Ministry of Information as a part of a series of three “Home Publicity” posters. The other two were “Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory” and “Freedom Is In Peril Defend It With All Your Might.” The key aim was to raise the morale of the British public, threatened with widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities.


Even though an estimate of about 2.45 million copies were printed, it was still not a big celebrity on the platform. People hardly knew about it and thus it was alien in the public, at that time. But Again, who can stop something from rolling. In 2000, Stuart Manley, co-owner with his wife Mary of Barter Books Ltd, was going through a box of used books bought at auction when he unfolded one of the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters. The couple framed it and hung it up by the cash register; it attracted so much interest that Manley began to produce and sell copies. And today we are exploiting it in every humorous way possible.

I thought History will never stop to amaze me but it seems it has its own interconnecting tunnel which will give you a roller coaster ride of emotions which is a tad more than ‘just amazement’. So just “keep calm and keep your head curious.”

About the author: Ankita Mishra
A DeadCrazy yet curious personality with the purpose of exploring the insight, a liddle too much.

  • Hitesh Shetty

    Kept calm and read this :p Thanks for solving the mystery!

    • ankita mishra

      Thanks for reading it 🙂 | Get Tech Addicted...
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