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Know The Walking Dead (actually, their publishers)

If you thought that your favorite TV series had a great story, wait until you find about Image Comics and its inception.

March 11, 2017

Happy 25th!

We all know The Walking Dead. Heck, even the people here are fans of it. Maybe you’re one of the ones who knows that it is based upon the eponymous comic series. But did you know that the said comic is published by Image Comics? And that the company itself is celebrating the fact that it has turned 25?

What’s the big thing about it, you may ask. Yes, we have featured some gems from Image Comics in our best comics lists. On a more serious note, yes, Image Comics is the 3rd biggest comic company in the USA, behind Marvel & DC. But both the top 2 have so many TV series and movies out on our screens. Why does the No.3 having one hit TV series matter?

The beautiful fact about Image Comics is the total control it gives to the comic creators, along with the rights. In other words, Robert Kirkman, the creator behind The Walking Dead comic, received the cheque from the TV folks. In contrast, the creators behind the story of Marvel’s Civil War did not. The ones behind Days of Future Past did not. In both their cases (and all the other superhero stories which you watch), the owners took away the money. That is why Image Comics is special, and better than DC and Marvel. And oh, did we talk about their stories?

There are all sorts. Literally, all sorts. Start with any one comic that appeals to you, and you won’t be able to rest until you find out what happens next. If you thought superheroes and parallel universes and mutants were cool, the unbelievable variety and quality of content here will blow your mind. In fact, my bets are on these comics becoming the Next-Big-Thing(s) on any and every screen near you.

That’s it. I sincerely request you to read and find more about them. The best currently published comics from the Image stable? This list is a good place to start.

Loved them, and thinking about an idea of your own? Wait no more, and submit it to Image Comics themselves. It’s surprisingly simple.

Have some time on your hands? Read this amazing account of how Image Comics came to life, along with how important The Walking Dead was (and is) for them.

Happy discovering 🙂

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