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Whatsapp’s Pros And Cons

January 20, 2015


WhatsApp has been our favorite messaging app since its inception. There is nothing much to be explained much about this app. It has more than 500 Million + installs worldwide and is counted as the most widely used messaging app till now. Like every coin, WhatsApp also has two sides.


  1. Wishing relatives and friends doesn’t burn holes in our pocket anymore.
  2. We can talk limitless. There is no limitation on message length.
  3. It is a lot cheaper than simple messaging.
  4. There are large number of emoticons which express our feelings better than the combination of a colon and round brace.
  5. Group chat is super easy. You don’t even need to persuade them to join the group. The members too have the liberty to leave the chat whenever they want to. A win-win for both sides.
  6. You can share pictures effortlessly.
  7. Audio and video sharing was never that easy. Facility to send recorded message is also present.


  1. The blue tick feature is annoying for some users as it affects their privacy.
  2. You cannot send files of .doc and .pdf format. These formats among many others aren’t supported.
  3. GIF images do not work properly.
  4. Being free has its disadvantage too. WhatsApp has become the hottest medium to promote products. It is really annoying at times.

About the author: Abhishek Singh
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