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KeyMe App Review

February 10, 2015


Just when you think that you cannot have an app on bizarre productivity ideas, KeyMe grabs your attention. This app’s idea is worth grabbing any ‘unique apps’ contest. What’s the idea you ask? Well, it lets you share your keys. Yes, that’s correct. Now you can scan your key and make its copies as per your convenience.

User just needs to take the photograph of the key on a white background. The app then uploads that image to the company’s system. A press of a button tells the app to deliver the key to the user in the mail.
Even easier, one can travel to one of KeyMe’s kiosks and have a new key printed in less than a minute.

Part of KeyMe’s security measures against quick scans of other people’s keys involve asking users to photograph both sides of the key and to use a blank white sheet of paper in the background.

If you are wondering whether this app has benefitted any burglar or not, maybe the statement of KeyMe’s Vice President Michael Harbolt satisfy your query. “We haven’t had one instance of our keys being used in a crime,” Harbolt reassured. Also, note that KeyMe requires a fingerprint to use its kiosk, an e-mail account to sign up and a credit card and address to print a new key.

The app is available only on iOS as for now. However, the android version is on its way and will be available soon.

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