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The iPhone 7 Review

October 3, 2016

If you’re thinking about purchasing the iPhone 7, trust me….you are loaded, dude! But if like most, you are just staring at it online and dreaming, here’s a look at the latest wonder from Cupertino.


Q. What’s new about the iPhone 7?
A. Let’s be honest: the iPhone was always going to look the same, irrespective of what people expect. That said, there are some changes…

Q. Like?
A. Water resistance. Basically, it can be submerged for 30 minutes in 1 metre of water, due to the IP67 water resistance, and still work. But no, you can’t dive with it. Yet.

Q. Wait…where is the headphone jack?
A. The mechanical home button, the one which used to move, has now been replaced with a static button which will click back at the user; further, Apple has added a feature of letting notifications announce themselves through the home button. That is something which you can can use, if you’re making an app for the iPhone.

Q. Where is the headphone jack??!!
A. The 7 Plus has 2 cameras, while the ‘not-plus’ has only one 12 MP camera. As far as reviews go, the other camera doesn’t really make much of a difference. Selfies? 7 MP cameras. Again, not a path breaker. But good enough.
Also, with the 7 at 750p and the 7 Plus at 1080p, the display is better than the best LCD screens. But other phones are getting OLED screens, with even the next iPhone rumored to have an OLED display (and what a beautiful rumor it is).

Q. Where is the……. ?
A. Inside, the 7 and 7 Plus have 2 GB and 3 GB of RAM respectively. What’s better, is that there are QuadCore processors inside, for the first time in an iPhone. Battery? It’s better than the last ones. The 7 can last for a day, max. The 7 Plus can even go on to do a second day.
And oh, they removed the headphone port. While Apple will tell you that is giving an adaptar for the headphones, and thus, you can use your headphones, don’t believe it. You will be much better off with its new AirPods. They will be sold separately, thank you very much.

Q. Is it in India? And what are the variants?
A. 7 October. That’s the date. Available in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB phone storage. No microSD though

Q. It’s Diwali! Any chances of any deals on it?
A. Hmm. The iPhone 7 is expected to start at 60 grand, with the 7 Plus at 72 grand. Please note: minimum price. This might help.

Q. Does it explode?
A. While, yes, there has been a case of it being received by a customer in that particular state, it’s pretty safe to say that Samsung has left Apple far behind in this case. It does appear to have a problem in Bluetooth connectivity.

That’s probably enough for you to help you make your choice for this ‘jackless‘ beast from Apple. Comment below to let us know your views on it 🙂

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