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Snowball Review

February 19, 2015

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We have millions of apps on Android Play Store. This means we have multiple apps just to accomplish a single goal. Say for messaging, we have Hangouts, Facebook Chat, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line and the list goes on. We often use more than one app for messaging. Checking messages by opening these apps individually is often painful. What if we could see our messages without having to open them up? Snowball does this job for us. It lets us see messages from various messaging apps in one place in one tap. That is cool, right?


Anish Acharya (Founder @ Snowball) explains the reason for creating Snowball ‘We built Snowball to bring these conversations together; one place for all of the messages from all of the social apps you already love. We didn’t want another social app, we wanted a way for all of our existing social apps to work better together. This is a great example of our philosophy: simple products with ambitious goals.’
The app is in its early stage and is growing. To use the app you just need to slide from the top right edge of your screen and it will show the unread messages. While using the app, I found just one minor problem. If you read a message by directly opening the concerned app without going through the snowball app, the notification doesn’t go away. The snowball notification bar will still show an unread message. It might not affect some all, but users with OCD will find it annoying.

Download here
Rating: 3.9
Downloads: 100,000+

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