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The Air Report [16/1/17]

Is anyone listening? Your air is dirty.

January 16, 2017

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PM10 Level (Safe): 100 micrograms per cubic metre

PM10 Level (Delhi): 786

PM10 Level (Beijing): 73

PM2.5 Level (Safe): 60 micrograms per cubic metre

PM2.5 Level (Delhi): 414

PM2.5 Level (Beijing):173

PM2.5 Level (New York): 46

What happened this week?

Greenpeace released a report on air pollution in India; the data used was sourced from CPCB, SPCB (State Pollution Control Board), good sources in other words. What this report found was that no city in North India (and they have checked for a lot of cities) complies with WHO and NAAQS standards for non-polluted air. In other words, we are all screwed. [LiveMint]

The real shocker that this report gave was that even South India is polluted; only some cities in the south are able to meet the acceptable standards. You can download the report here.

Our new LG announced himself with a bang; the DTC fare cut proposal was sent back by his office. Following it, the Delhi Transport Minister, Mr. Satyendra Jain, went over to the LG for a meeting. [Financial Express]

After the Punjab government said that it will stop stubble burning by 2020, the Delhi High Court asked it to work with the Centre and stop the practice THIS year itself. It also acted in the matter of the record-breaking pollution levels in Anand Vihar, and asked the Delhi Develoment Authority to stop the cutting of trees in the Aravalli Biodiversity Park. [News18]

The Indian Express compiled and compared data for air pollution with last year. It was less this year, compared to the last one, for the period between October & January.

Before you get too happy about it, there’s a reason behind it.

“The weather has been very favourable this year. The mixing height is much higher. The pollution-control measures may have also had an impact. According to our analysis, air quality till October 2016 was much better than the previous three years. From late October till mid-November, however, we saw very high levels of pollution post-Diwali. If we look at absolute figures, this peak in pollution washes away the gains,” said MP George, scientist at Delhi Pollution Control Committee’s air lab. [Indian Express]

The Delhi Traffic Police confirmed that our air quality continued to be ‘very poor’. [Business Standard]

Lastly, the Delhi government went to the Supreme Court against the ruling of the NGT which banned diesel vehicles (which are >10 years old) from plying in the city. They aren’t wrong, but it’s a weird move. If they had at least bought some buses out of the promised 10,000, they could have taken that moral high ground. This is like ripping off the band-aid; it didn’t help much, but at least it was there. [LiveMint]

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