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AnnaMaya: A Must-Try!

Is the Aerocity-located AnnaMaya worth your attention? We definitely think that it is, and more!

April 27, 2017

There are more than a million words in the English language and I can’t string any of them together to describe AnnaMaya. Alright, alright; I will give it a try!

The Interior


There are some places which are simply, one of a kind. This food hall is one of those places. A part of the Hyatt Group and situated in the Aerocity, the location works wonders for this venture. As soon as you enter it’s premises, you know you’re in for a wonderful culinary experience. At the entrance, there’s a huge pomegranate (obviously not real!). The whole food hall is decorated with stained colored glasses with light streaming in through them which gives the entire place an ‘enlightened’ feel. If you get an opportunity to explore the place, you’ll notice flowers hung on the walls beautifully spreading an aura of optimism and freshness. These aren’t just a part of the decor, but are also used in food preparations.


What’s on my table?

The cutlery and crockery is also as quirky as it could get; once you are seated, the ambience gives you the vibes that you’re in for a ride at this food wonderland.

The Food

If you are into salads then this place is a gold mine; with an amazing blend of organically grown fresh vegetables and fruits this place has a LOT for everyone.


Roasted Carrots

The roasted carrots are amazing; they’re crispy and perfectly sweet. I also tried their caramelized pumpkin which was topped with home made butter; the pumpkin could have been more soft though.


With pumpkins like these…

For meat lovers I would recommend trying lamb chops. This is served with yogurt based sauce.


MY lamb chops!

The classic chicken is delicious; it is marinated well and melts in the mouth as soon as you take a bite.


And if nothing else, there is always chicken!

The prawns are to die for. They are served with a rich creamy gravy which compliments the prawns really well. For beverages, I would recommend you the lassi (buttermilk) which is perfect for the approaching summer.


You need to try the prawns

The Best Part

All the vegetables and fruits are organically grown by the management. The best thing about AnnaMaya is that there’s no closed kitchen, everything is made out in the open, right in front of your eyes.

In Conclusion

I started my review with my lack of ability to string together words to praise AnnaMaya. I would like to end it by saying the same. The food here cannot be described with words. It must be experienced with all your senses. A must try place.

About the author: Pavneet Singh
Although still in school, I am a new food blogger on the blogging scene. Apart from trying out different kinds of food, I love traveling, experimenting in the kitchen and watching movies.
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