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Even Mogambo Likes Momos!

Momos can make even villains happy!

April 11, 2017


Bored of having the same old steam/fried momos? Then Mogambo Khush Hua will certainly bring a zingy and a fresh twist to your taste buds!

Located near the Netaji Subhash Place metro station, this momo joint serves very unique and mouthwatering momos which will satisfy your hunger to the brim! Just as you enter the place, you would see a caricature of Amrish Puri’s  iconic character Mogambo,which would catch your attention easily. The place is small with seating for about 10 people but the ambience is inviting!

Coming to the momos, if you are looking for something crunchy and flavorful then the Crunchy Fried Veg Momos  is made just for you! It has that subtle spicy taste and goes well with the chilly chutney that they offer though the need of soaking up the excess oil is felt.


Crispy Fried Veg Momos

Giving fusion food a new meaning, Mogambo offers Chicken Cheese Momos In Schezwan Sauce which is a blend of the good old schezwan sauce with the simple chicken steamed momos. The sauce is really good; it is primarily spicy with a hint of sweetness which makes it even better! It blends well with the soft and juicy chicken momos. However, a liberal spread of cheese would certainly help. Another good option is the Pizza version that’s equally worth it. This one is a must try! 


Pan Fried Chicken Cheese Momos

For those with a sweet tooth, there is an option of ice cream momos which are beautifully presented with a dressing of chocolate syrup and topped with nuts that would remind you of hot chocolate fudge. The momo itself is filled with vanilla ice cream which tastes heavenly and is a delight to the taste buds. One bite and you’ll fall in love with this sweet little dumpling!


Ice Cream Momo

On the side, the red chilli chutney which is accompanied with every plate of momos is quite spicy and fresh. Maybe next they could explore other varieties of sauces, salsa and cheesy dips too.

Pricing: Around 400 rupees for two for a full fledged momo meal.

Verdict: Overall Mogambo and it’s momos are unique and any momo lover should definitely try it for the sheer variations of the simple and humble Tibetan dumpling, to say the least!

About the author: Tanish Sharma
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