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Our adventures in food continue! This time our quest leads us to: Spotlight, Rajouri Garden!

April 27, 2017


Spotlight is a beautiful retro style little cafe/lounge in Rajouri Garden. While the restaurant itself started out its journey with Italian cuisine (which BTW is delicious and still a specialty here), it also serves food with a desi twist!  And what twists they are! Like there is-

Wait. Before we tuck in, let’s have a look around. The interior ticks all the right boxes: the seating is comfortable and suitable for small groups, the music is loud and lively, there is live TV; heck, there is even a live bar! Plus, you can even shake a leg if you feel like, which is a definite positive in my book. My favorite part of the bistro was one of the corners which gave out a very 70s vibe – that era when dance and music had just begun to find its place in the society- complete with black-and-white check tiles and disco balls.

Now, to the food! One of the dishes which really intrigued me was the Patiala Peg Pasta, which is served with a shot of vodka. However, this is not the only cool-sounding one. We tried many of the dishes on the menu, and here’s a handy guide:

CHILLI PANEER IN WANTON CUPS: Tiny cubes of chilli paneer in baked wanton cups served with chilli sauce. It was amazing and delicious and should be definitely tried .


RAJOURI CHICKEN KARARA BITES: This one has tender boneless chicken pieces crisply fried, served with mint mayonnaise. The chicken was extremely crisp and the marination was just perfect.

CHILLI FISH: The classic taste but yet finger lickin’ good.The quantity of fish and the size of fish was moderate . The spices in the fish was up to the mark. Also, the style of serving was spectacular; the fishes were served in a cycle and on the place of basket the sauces were presented.

MUTTON GALOUTI KEBAB: This one could have been a bit softer but nonetheless tasted good. It does not have anything special and also needs special attention as it was extremely dry .

MULTANI MOMOS: Super soft momos stuffed with juicy shredded chicken, served on a sizzler platter *drooling*


MUSHROOM, FETA CHEESE AND SUN-DRIED TOMATOES PIZZA: A very Italian tasting pizza. The sun-dried tomatoes were really delicious.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE SHAKE: A fully loaded chocolate shake, topped with brownie, Kit-Kat and garnished with Oreos. The shake was delicious but you might need to be careful while handling the cup, as it is extremely delicate and fragile .

Also, if budget is an issue, here’s something to cheer you up: they have recently launched a ‘100-ka-swag’ menu, which has a huge variety of dishes for only ₹100. Similarly there is also a ₹150 and ₹200 menu. This option is really easy on the pocket.


Wanna try?

In Conclusion

The food is yummy, filling and really pocket friendly. A great place to hang out with friends or for small get togethers.The main courses of this restaurant is a little expensive and I would personally not recommend trying it; in any case, the variety of the pizzas and pastas available here make up really well for this shortcoming.

About the author: Pavneet Singh
Although still in school, I am a new food blogger on the blogging scene. Apart from trying out different kinds of food, I love traveling, experimenting in the kitchen and watching movies.
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