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It’s not that difficult…

May 14, 2017


Its just that sometimes I want him to walk an extra mile,

I want him to do half of the things, he says he is willing to do,

I want him to love me like no one has ever loved anyone,

I want him to die a thousand times on the inside when he gets to know I am hurt and I have wept!

I want him to think I matter a lot and in so many ways I am the best person, he knows.

And that there can be no one like me, also he should celebrate our love like its our last day on the earth,

Because sweetheart, I do the exact same thing!
Maybe even more so

Or maybe its not him, I want someone to love me this way.

Someone who is willing to shed all his inhibitions and vulnerabilities only in front of me,

Someone who is willing to make love to me and only me for all the time he has left in the world,

Someone who would appreciate me in my worst,

And none of these things are materialistic.

So yes, its not that hard. All you gotta do is work on a relationship because relationship don’t work because of chance but by choice.

Even when I say “I am giving up” I want the other to not let me,

I want the other to show up in front of me, stronger than ever before and say “no, we belong together”

I do not want him to fight my battles for me but I sure as hell want him to be by my side when I fight.

Even after laying it all out, I still ask, is it that difficult to love me?

About the author: Akriti Rathore
Indian, 21, Law Student | Get Tech Addicted...
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