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Letters From The Heart (Part 1)

December 1, 2016

A letter. Always delivered. Always read. But Never replied.

Dated: 17th November 2016

Hello love,

Hope this letter finds you. You might be thinking why did I write such a weird and awkward sentence?

You never answer. You never reply.You never ever understand how important you are to me. My messages , the email that I write are always delivered and received and I know they are read as well but are never replied to. I seriously don’t understand what should I do to make you return back to me.  I just want to make sure that you are fine.

Never mind. I am a total misery now. I’ve become a sad news. I’ve been listening to Operas and crying endlessly. I thought to get a pet dog the other day. I swear I dared to walk up to the pet shop. I stood in front of the main door but I couldn’t dare to open it. I just couldn’t. I cannot dare, anymore. You loved dogs too. You remember how Husker used to play around us. Hahaha… I remember him getting cosy on your lap when you used to sit on the couch and danced on your belly when you fell asleep. Weren’t those days beautiful?

Remember how angry you were when we found Husker in that filthy garbage bin. ” How could anybody abandon this beautiful li’l puppy. C’mon buddy, world is cruel but we’ll survive it together.” And you held him.  He would have been 5 years old today and our relationship would have been 7.

I still wish you hadn’t left for my place that night with Husker. I still wish you hadn’t taken my overwhelming incessant calls. I still wish I was the one driving, instead.

I am sorry. You never broke our promise, rather I made you break it. I am the one to be guilty. I am the one to be blamed. At least,  Husker is there with you always. You didn’t break the promise you made to him.

Yours faithfully


More than 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year which is 3,287 deaths and has more than 20-50 million casualties in addition to it. Please be aware while driving. You are in total control of yours as well as others life. Drive safe. Live life.

You really don’t want to leave your loved ones in pain. Do you?

About the author: Shirshania Roy
An ambivert with an inquisitive mind. Intellectual, rebellious, care-free and a frank soul just living in the moments...

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