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December 17, 2016

Feel that? It’s your heart doing a drumroll. Ms. Anonymous is here to calm you down, and help you out. Come on!

We all have best friends who make life worth living. We have known them for ages and share some of the best memories with them. They know our darkest secrets and are always a part of those duck-face selfies! Best friends are the ones who will love and care for us unconditionally and sometimes are the only resort we seek when upset.

But what if you realise its more than just friendship?

What if friendship and love get lumped up??

What if you realise you are in love with your best friend? 😮


13 signs you are madly in love with your best friend:

1. Insecurity from a new friend, especially of the opposite sex.


It’s difficult for you to accept the fact that there is a new person in their life, someone they speak so fondly of, someone who might become as important as you in future: 0 :0

2. Mentally, you are committed to them 24X7 and they top your priority charts and you often turn down other social activities just to hang out with him/her.


3. You tend to get nervous around them.


4. You think about them a lot and want to be the first one to know everything happening in their life.



5. You always want to look your best around them…even if they show up in pajamas!


6. Even if you are in a relationship, they will be the first thing on your mind.



7. You want to call them up…even if you have spent the entire time with them in college.


8. Badly wish for them to not have a partner, but in case they do, will accept them…not happily, but will…


9. You desperately want a relationship with them, but you fear it may ruin your friendship.


10. You always feel like doing something special for them, like fetching gifts whenever you go on family trips or outings.



11. When you prioritise them over food….that ain’t going to happen 😛


12. If you are still reading this…and are smiling right now…


you probably are in lovee …VA(waaah!)

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