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The Fuss Of The Phrases

November 6, 2016

All of us have that deep coated side in our hearts that understands and empathises with each and every word, each and every phase that is being described in the form of mere lines, mere quotes and mere shayaris.

What is more amazing than listening to some fascinating yet quirky prose? They say ‘Woh galiyan hi kya jismein teri aahaton ka nishaan na ho, woh hawaa hi kya jo mujhe tere darwaaze pr naa lejaae’. With every shayari mentioned below, something more intense and  intimate will tickle at the very core of your senses. Trust me when I say this won’t accelerate quickly!

So here I am, frowning at the thought of some of the renowned ‘shayars’ cris-crossing each others words in the form of their ‘life related phrases’. Let’s just put our hands up, down, left and yes…right for the ride of some of the most known yet ‘not so famous’  jugalbandis of all the time:

  • Ghalib Sharaab Peene De Masjid Mein Beth Kar,
    Ya Woh Jagah Bata Jahan Khuda Nahi.
    Mirza Ghalib (1797-1869)
  • Masjid Khuda Ka Ghar Hai Peene Ki Jagah Nahi,
    Kafir Ke Dil Mein Ja Wahan Khuda Nahi
    Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)
  • Kafir Ke Dil Se Aaya On Ye Dekh Kar Faraz,
    Khuda Mojood Hai Wahan Par Usey Pata Nahi.
    Ahmad Faraz (1931-2008)
  • Khuda To Mojood Dunia Mein Har Jagah Hai,
    Tu Jannat Mein Jaa Wahaan Peene Se Mana Nahi.
    Wasi Shah (Still breathing…)

Well let’s just say the difference in the digits of the ages and period off these poets did make a difference in their ‘comebacks’. Hopefully we will have another one in the coming ages.

About the author: Ankita Mishra
A DeadCrazy yet curious personality with the purpose of exploring the insight, a liddle too much.
  • Peene ke liye na mandir chahiye na ghar
    Bas ek bottle aur zameen ka sahaara ho umra bhar

    😛 🙂 😀

    • ankita mishra

      We finally got the human who contradicts all four of them :p *louder claps* 😀

  • Hitesh Shetty

    The comebacks are so cool…it’s like they were just sitting next to each other and getting one up on each other! The biggest compliment I can give is: where’s part 2? | Get Tech Addicted...
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