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A letter to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal from Delhites

November 6, 2016

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was appointed as the Chief Minister in the year 2015 by the people of Delhi. We as Delhites would like to make an appeal to him, asking him to take actions on important issues haunting us all… be it at night or at day! Let’s hope this letter can bring his kind attention and force him to start working on urgent matter rather than pointing fingers upon others!


The Letter


Dear CM,

In the past many years, we Delhiites have seen endless political wars between AAP, BJP and Congress. Even after understanding how new and in-experienced your party was, we still voted for you thinking you’ll bring about a significant change in Delhi’s worsening conditions. Frankly, even after a span of almost 2 years, we are yet to see that big change! We Delhiites, would like to bring to your attention the list of major issues which must be resolved as early as possible.

  1. As we all know, after this year’s Diwali, the air condition has worsened to a sickening point. People who have to travel everyday to their workplace are bound to inhale this poisonous air and there is nothing that can really done on this regard. We as sensible citizens will try to wear masks whenever possible, but it is very impractical to put it on 24/7. So, immediate action must be taken to ensure thorough cleaning of the air and banning of all pollution creating activities within Delhi-NCR. That too… ASAP!!
    Photographer: Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Photographer: Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

  2. Woman are still unsafe on the roads of Delhi. The fear of men who are unable to control their emotions is still lingering on our streets. At night, we hardly find any police patrolling vehicles near the metro stations or other important but prone areas. Every other day, we find news of girls getting raped or being murdered on the streets for vengeance. It is high time that you keep a check on this and ensure that police are doing their jobs well enough.
  3. Traffic is the third most annoying problem in Delhi. We as Delhiites have tried to follow the Odd-Even rules as honestly as possible, but it is really impractical to keep such a rule forever. Instead of making temporary fixes with rules like ‘Odd-Even’ or ‘No car day on 22nd of each month’, we must find a permanent solution to this.
    • As a citizen, we commonly observe half empty (or half full) buses of the same route running behind one another. Buses occupy a large amount of space of the road and can also be dangerous if the driver is trying to compete with other buses or drive rashly. Buses must be run at such a frequency that all of them are properly occupied before the next one comes.
    • Youngsters driving scooties or bikes without helmet are somehow able to get through the police officials without getting caught or strict actions being taken against them (This is like a very common case now). School/College students or Bikers are generally found to be roaming around on the streets like they own them and we hardly find traffic police officials near places wherever their is at least 90% possibility of catching people such as them.
    • The same is the case with people using phones while driving. It is not only the men, but women are found to be busy on their iPhones too. Let’s not forget rules are for everyone. So decisions taken by Traffic Police must be exactly same for everyone and no one should be allowed to go around playing with the law.

    I agree the traffic rules are being made more strict but regulating such events can not be done alone by amending the traffic rules. One must also be present to teach those law-breakers a lesson and give them a suitable punishment. You as a minister must ensure policemen are doing the duties with honor and no rules are followed. Not everyone is given a driver by the government to move around the city. 80% of the road rage is caused because of the traffic on the streets and this is the only way how people think they can improvise on the situation.

  4. The animal killing and the endless torture has been onto our minds for a very long time now. It is evident how these meek animals are treated on the streets and hardly anyone can be found taking measures to make changes to this situation. The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center and other few NGOs (such as Friendicoes) are working very hard to bring about a change, but if you actually visit their centers you’ll see thousands of animals being kept in a very unhygienic conditions. Please ensure that these NGOs are given proper support and given cleaner facilities to work at.  Many of the animal activists try their best to report accidents or incidents on the streets but since there are only a very few centers and even fewer transport vehicles to carry the injured. We believe immediate help should be provided for such cause and given more importance than hosting IPL ceremonies etc.

    Dog picked by hind legs and swirled around!!! Is this what humanity has come to?

  5. Metro is used by lakhs of people on a daily basis and even though many trials have been run up and about to reduce the traffic on junction stations, but things haven’t become better on any end. Every passenger trying to board the metro from Rajiv Chowk to Huda City Center find a Qutub Minar metro coming in between that too of 6 coaches only! The same is the case with many other metro lines and no checks have been made to ensure that people boarding the metro are given enough space to at least stand! Even a 2 minute gap in the arrival of metro can create major issues for the crowd boarding the train. People try to break in lines and get on the metro because you know… “Everyone is getting late for work!!!”. More guards showed be hired to put up and maintain such undesirable events. The metro frequency must be increased and so showed be the number of the coaches in each metro.

    The ‘almost’ daily Rajiv Chowk Metro mess!

It is high time that such actions are given more importance than blaming Modi Ji alone for every bad event happening world wide. When we elected you as CM (don’t know why exactly though), the thought of you being a well educated and rational man might have triggered their minds to vote for you…. but it is so embarrassing for us to see that even after “Jhaadu” being the symbol of your party, was picked up by Modi Ji first! Shockingly, if you keep playing the blame game or let us just say concentrate on “Politics”, you are bound to just disturb the peace! It is not our duty to teach your job, we understand you are a busy man, but busy at exactly doing what is not what we understand! Life has become a struggle for all, and like you, not everyone is given support from the government to make things happen. You as a minister and a “common man” (as you say) must work up on your engineering mind to focus on new technologies and problem solving techniques (if we may say) to get matters resolved!

Hope we find you more active on such issues and more promising actions are taken in future.



Note:- This is not individually my view on things. I completely understand there are many other issues to be focused on, but these are like the most urgent (according to many, not me alone). You all are free to share your views and experiences in the comments below, but please make sure you don’t write abusive or post demeaning comments.

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  • ankita mishra

    Now this is what Kejriwal should read..instead of some ‘scandals’ of an unusual party leader.
    Fire is an understatement for the way this letter should spread. 🙂 | Get Tech Addicted...
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