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The Forgotten Russian Bombings

November 15, 2016

Rewarding in its own way to the perpetrators, assaults and attacks are the prehistoric ways of inducing fear and terror amongst the commoners and in any sovereign state. But, what if, such steps are taken by the self-proclaimed patriots on their own country? Something similar happened in the early fall of the year 1999 in Russia.

General view of an apartment block in Pechatniki suburb, southeast of Moscow, after an explosion destroyed four storeys out of 18, of the building early 09 September 1999. At least 13 people died, 58 were injured and some 140 people are thought to be still trapped under rubble. Russia's emergencies minister Sergei Shoygu said he could not confirm that the explosion was caused by a gas leak. (ELECTRONIC IMAGE) (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

General view of an apartment block in Pechatniki suburb, Moscow (ELECTRONIC IMAGE) (Photo credit STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Just like any other night, they slept peacefully, forgetting all the hardships they faced throughout the day. They had many other plans for the day after, which certainly didn’t include their death.  Moscow, Buynaksk, and Volgodonsk were the cities where the fateful apartment bombings forced people into living in trepidity. The irony was, Russia was already into an ongoing war with the Chechnya-based Islamic-Group named  Islamic International Brigade (IIB) in the War of Dagestan. The Russian Apartment Bombings hit Buynaksk on 4 September, Moscow on 9 and 13 September and Volgodonsk on 16 September. A similar explosive device was found in the basement of an apartment block Ryazan, a Russian city on 22 September which was no sooner, defused.   rian_archive_140276_removing_rubble_at_site_of_damaged_apartment_house_on_kashira_highway_0

The bombings were blamed by the Russian Government on rebels from the Caucasus region which led to the military invasion of the separatist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. The militants as well as the secessionist Chechen authorities denied their involvement in the bombing campaign but the then Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin ordered an air-bombing on Grozny, marking a beginning to the Second Chechen War. Vladimir Putin, also appreciated the inhabitants of Ryazan and within the next 36 hours the three Federal Security Service officials were arrested by local police force. Soon these FSB officers were put on bail and the bomb planting was declared as a training exercise and after few months Vladimir Putin resumed the office as The President of Russia.

Many think it to be a mere coincidence, others think it to be an act of terrorism and rest, which let me tell you are more in number, think it to be an inside job, an intentional coerced mishap to make Putin take charge and wage war on the Chechen nationals and to keep the loss of lives in the Apartment Bombings, of almost 300 people with casualties of as many as a thousand in overcast.

This give rise to questions like

1] From KGB detective to a President, what made Vladimir Putin crave more power in the light when he could have more power in the dark?

2] Who was the mastermind behind this mass killings because it is evident that whenever anybody started investigations regarding the Apartment Bombings, they ended up dead.

Sergei Yushenkov, Yuri Shchekochikhin, Anna Politkovskaya, and Alexander Litvinenko are few of them , who didn’t give up on the investigations of the Bombings and soon weren’t living anymore.

3]  Can a bomb planting be DECLARED as a training exercise?

4]  If it is believed that Vladimir came to power to cover up all the misdoings of the Boris Yeltsin, [Former President of the state of Russia] and himself , then What earned him the popular vote for such kingly rise to power?

Many questions are still unanswered. Many questions are still needed to be asked. But the main question is WHO WILL  ANSWER ? 

This Bombing is considered to be the 9/11 of Russia and the greatest political provocation since the burning of the Reichstag.

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