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The ‘Picture Frame’ Of The War Of Humanity

January 3, 2017

Japan has always been on the top chart of shifting from finding its existence to giving others a part of it. Well we all are alarmingly aware about the first Nuclear weapon attack that humanity can never ‘afford’ to forget, the 1945 Hiroshima Nuclear Attack. It literally changed the entire globe into something that would have been strangely ugly to watch from a far-off screen.

It still makes my mind drown into deep darker side of reality, that how a system, a war can be placed above the simple shelf of humanity? The attack brought loss to not even nature but to every individual trying to breath on the land and even underground. Many lost their lives, while there were creatures who ‘unfortunately’ survived to live the rest of their lives in pure memory of a horrific incident. They suffered from burns, pain, mutation and what not? Guess I got into the gloomy phase…yet again!

Lets just pause our lives for a while and rewind the entire scene of the affects and effects of the ‘Humanity WAR’. I won’t even be a ‘tad-bit’ surprised if you flinch a little at the end of the show. So keep scrolling towards the dreadful discovery of existibility:



At this crucial age, reality gave its true taste to border this little ones life .



Try not to ‘cringe’ your brow after seeing this. Pain is just a mere understatement to the phase they would have gone through.



What can be worse for a mother than seeing her breed bleed to surrender to the agony?



Well seems the attack took it all, the creature as well as the creativity.



No home, No food, No treatment…simply trying to ‘walk’ in the line of existence.



A simple embedded shadow of the cycle that once existed!



A watch belonging to one of the bombing victims stopped at 8:15, the exact moment of the explosion. Coincidence or faith?



Hiroshima before and after the atomic bomb. Totally clean. Isn’t it?



Survivors of the atomic attack on Hiroshima, still hospitalised two years later.



These three brothers became orphaned by the bombing.



At least the poor kid knows the meaning of humanity.

Well nothing can be more sad than the fact that time changed, people changed but the act still goes on, like a giant wheel of ‘human creativity’.


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