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Whistling past the Suicide Forest

February 4, 2017

Ever felt scared watching those movies where an evil something pops out of nowhere from behind the trees, in the woods, making you crumble with fear? Ever felt something eerie while walking through any forest (only if you are adventurous enough to go hiking in the woods) or maybe taking a stroll through the woods ?  Ever felt as if somebody is following you when walking on a road with forest on the sides? or Ever got stranded nearby a forest or in it?

We know, all the horrifying stories relating forests. The ghosts, demonic activities , all witchcrafts and  Tantras and Mantras etc. which are practiced deep inside the profound forests are the telltales heard and passed on through the generations. But Aokigahara holds a distinguished significance when forests and landscapes are mentioned.  You must be wondering what is Aokigahara? Aokigahara , meaning Seas of Trees. is a deep-seated and buried forest on the northwestern flank of Japan’s Mount Fuji .

This forest has a historical reputation for paranormal activity . In recent years, Aokigahara has become internationally known as one of Japan’s most popular destinations for suicide, and signs at the head of some trails urges suicidal visitors to think of their families or contact any suicide prevention help desks which are installed there due to such high rate of suicides.

Few facts regarding this forests.

  • Folklore suggests that the ghosts in the forest also known as the Yurei, are very vengeful and can manipulate you to commit crimes and suicides. suicide1


  • The lack of legibility in the forest is exacerbated by the fact that compasses do not work there because of the high concentration of magnetic iron in the rocky volcanic soil. compass-north-100728-02


  • Annual searches are held there since 1970s and around 60 to 100 bodies are found every year, all of the  deaths are dues to Suicide.suicide2


  • Network isn’t available from inside of the forest thus getting lost there isn’t an option.No-network


  • Going off the paths for more thrilling experience may leave an experience for a life time, as human bones, personal belongings of the dead and more disturbing imagery might just leave your senses in turmoil for a long time.suicide4


  • If anybody is seen to carry tents, doubts arise in the minds of the forest officials and they get out of their way to make sure that a no new death is taking place there.mmvYYSIThus if, ever you daring souls are planning for an adventurous, mind-boggling yet a subtly creepy experience, try out Aokigahara because not everybody plans to go there just for suiciding . So just chill and experience nature with thrill. 😉


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