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Looking for Content Writers! | SnapTimes


News In A Snap!!

Looking for Content Writers!


  1. The writer should have interest in new technologies and gadgets.
  2. He/she can write about any of the following topics :-
    • Games – News and Reviews… (All Gamers will know)
    • Mobiles – News and Reviews (Eg. New mobiles, Top Ten Mobiles, Reviews of new devices from Sony, Samsung, etc etc)
    • Technology – News (Eg. Windows, iOS, Android, Cameras, Sensors etc etc)
    • How To’s and Tutorials – Eg. Windows Tricks, WordPress, Mozilla Tricks, Browser Plugins etc etc
    • Computer/Web Languages – C, C++, PHP, CSS, Java Tuts
    • Web – News and Technology (Eg.Wordpress, Facebook News, Twitter News)
    • Apps – WhatsApp, Google Apps, Tips and Tricks
    • Other News – Eg E-Commerce (Amazon, Flipkart), Jobs, Companies

What’s in it? :-

  1. The writer will get some money for every article he/she writes…. Oh Yeah!
  2. His/her name will be published on the website!
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