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Xiaomi enters the Guinness Books Of World Records

April 10, 2015


Xiaomi-breaks-guinness-world-recordsDuring an event on 8th March, Xiaomi sold more than 2 millions smartphones in 24 hours. Yesterday, the company hosted a 12 hour “Mi Fan Festival 2015” across 7 countries in Asia and raised a total sales of 2.12 million smartphones with a revenue of over $335 million. Xiaomi also sold 38,000 Mi TV’s as well as 770,000 smart appliances, including their recently announce Mi Smart Scale. Such effort helped breaking its previous best for a “flash sale event” and signed itself into the Guinness Book of World Records.

A fan day was staged for the first time in India, Indonesia and Malaysia this year, proving that Xiaomi is an extremely successful internet company and an e-commerce model.

Xiaomi regularly hosts parties and events, and invites hundreds of (unpaid) fans, maintains an active forum, solicits feedback and also pushes out weekly software updates based on interaction with the users.

The smartphone company has successfully achieved its aim to reach the targeted markets, budget-conscious customers such as in India, China and Indonesia by selling low-cost smartphones and tablets. Expecting sales to reach 100 million this year (as it sold more than 60 million smartphones last year), the company now ranks 3rd among the global smartphone makers.


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