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Snapdeal eyes Google, Twitter And Facebook execs

February 5, 2015


Looks like the huge e-commerce site Snapdeal is looking to expand its technical support. Recently reported that Snapdeal, the NCR based company now has set up a 300,000 sq ft engineering development center in Bengaluru to facilitate its development team. The company which grossed a total of 600% increase in the last fiscal year, wants to continue its performance for the same fiscal year.

For an era of handsets, the company demands the merchant sales using mobile handsets, nullifying the need of a computer.

“We are at a point where we are running out of experienced talent in India. We have seen scale with respect to consumer internet products, but those products didn’t get built in India.”

Rohit Bansal, co-founder and COO of Snapdeal

Snapdeal has targeted to sharpen its edges in tech fields like mobile, analytics, supply chain management etc. For this, it seeks the high end companies of the Silicon Valley like Google, Facebook, Twitter’s programmers and developers. According to Rohit Bansal, the main streamline of people he wants are the ones who have started from the scratch and bloomed the company 30 to 50 times. These people are the once who know how to exhibit the ability to scale and bloom at a rapid pace.
Be it doubling the technical workforce or creating new workplaces, Snapdeal is really upto some real great advancements.

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