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Motorola planning to launch affordable 4G phones next year

December 13, 2014


4G smartphones will be in great demand in near future. Motorola, apparently has big plans to complete that demand in Indian market.

The Indian smartphone market is one of the fastest growing markets in recent time. The country which unsurprisingly has spiked a lot of interest in the tech world is waiting for affordable 4G smartphones. Its importance is so formidable, that manufacturers, developers and vendors all around are tailoring products and marketing strategies specifically for the market. Android One is perhaps the best example of the game-changing effects the new vast user base is having on the sector.

4G is still gaining popularity as the facility is available only in few cities in India. But Motorola will be trying its hands on a larger extent, early this year and captivate users with affordable 4G devices. Motorola is somewhat of an expert when it comes to targeting the lower market segments and it seems that it will fulfill the expectations of the customers especially after the successful popularity of the Motorola Moto G and Moto E.

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