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SAMSUNG brings 128GB memory on the cards

March 20, 2015


SAMSUNG’s new embedded flash storage drive which aims to lend high-end storage capabilities to not-so-sassy phones is about to hit the shelves in coming months. Its 128 GB Nand-based eMMC integrated storage chip ships with the maximum amount of storage any smart phone currently in production supports (including the latest HTC flagship HTC M9).

The news comes as a blessing for low to mid-range smart phone and tablet users, as SAMSUNG claims the price of these memory chips will be on the same lines as the smaller-size chips already in the market.

SAMSUNG is also on the verge of developing a new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 drive for luxury phones, tablets, and maybe even laptops that is poised to revolutionize the memory chip market, boasting of never before seen read/write speeds. | Get Tech Addicted...
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