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ARM’s Latest Processor – Cortex A72 – To Boost Performance Parameters

February 7, 2015


ARM, a British semiconductor and software design company, which powers about 90 percent of smartphones around the world, has announced blueprint of a new processor, the Cortex A72. The Cortex A72 succeeds over the previous design Cortex A57. Improving over the performance parameters of computational speed, graphics and power efficiency have been the prime factors looked upon while its design.

Along with the new processor, ARM also announced new graphics chip – Mali T880 and other new co-processors like Mali-DP550, a display processor and Mali V550, a video processor. The company said that clubbed together, these chips will render support to the 4K resolution video playback. With the Cortex A72 promising to improve the computational speed, the company officials also said that it will provide better power efficiency. This means better battery life for the future devices.

The new Cortex A72 is said to offer console gaming-class performance with better graphics. Talking in exact terms, according to ARM, the Cortex A72 will be 3.5X faster than the 2014’s 32-bit Cortex A15 and consumes 75 percent less power. Currently, A15 powers Nvidia Tegra K1. The new A72 will be enabled to run ARMv7 32-bit and also the ARMv8 64-bit instruction sets. It supports features like hardware virtualization support and TrustZone. | Get Tech Addicted...
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