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Microsoft Folding Keyboard

March 4, 2015


For heavy-duty writing on the go, regular keyboards are too big and touchscreen keyboards are too small. But Microsoft assures that the new, fold able keyboard will be the right choice.

Microsoft unveiled the Universal Foldable Keyboard on 2nd March, 2015, a thin, lightweight keypad that folds down the middle. Unfold the keyboard and it automatically powers on and connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones or tablets. The battery lasts upwards for three months on a single charge, according to Microsoft.

The “Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard” is designed to cross-platform and connect supposedly to any device. The company barely mentioned it on the stage, but Andy Weir who is in Barcelona would have a chance to test it out and see how well it would do.

An interesting aspect that needs to be pointed out is that the keyboard, mentioned to be compatible not only with iOS and Android but with Windows 10 for phones too. This is interesting because Windows Phone never support Bluetooth keyboard for the charging of many of its users.


But with this announcement it’s obvious that the future build will have the necessary drivers to handle all Bluetooth devices, a point that many users would applaud. | Get Tech Addicted...
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