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Adobe launches Slate – a new Storytelling app for iPad

April 5, 2015

Not a single day passes without the launch of an exciting app. And when the new app comes from a tech giant like Adobe the significance of the app considerably increases. Adobe has added a new player to its team with the launch of its app – Slate.

After creating Photoshop – the lifeline of photographers, Adobe has taken an initiative to make storytelling a joyous and easy task. It intends to do this with Slate. It is a sort of extension to last year’s Adobe Voice app, which made animated videos on iPad. Slate is quite similar to Voice. It allows users to pull in photos from different cloud services and offers predesigned themes to choose from. It uses a set of pre-designed templates and allows users to create anything from photo essays and newsletters to educational projects.

Unfortunately, themes are global and apply to the entire document, leaving no room to change styles between text boxes. Adobe makes up for it by including different preset fonts and styles for headings, subheads, body, quotes and bullet lists. Adding photos in Slate is identical to selecting the title page background image. In addition to single screen-size pictures, users can insert multiple photos. There are a lot of different options that you can apply to the images.

Completed Slate creations are published to Adobe’s servers for embedding or sharing via email and text message though users can also post to Facebook and Twitter. 

Overall, the app is another good one from Adobe’s factory and it does its job cleanly i.e. facilitating storytelling.

For more information on Slate, refer this link

Size: 83.6 MB

Download here

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