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Best Tech Channels you should subscribe on YouTube

April 17, 2015

YouTube has definitely evolved beyond being a site for videos. It is one stop destination for entertainment, education, news and lot more. The fact that it has a user base of over 1 billion people is enough to prove its greatness. Now, for all the tech-hungry people, here is a list of few of the famous and interesting tech channels you can watch to satisfy your hunger for tech news.


This channel is owned by Marques Brownlee. He is one of the best tech reviewers at present. His channel is one of the best channels for Quality Tech Videos. He reviews latest devices, smartphones and latest technologies like virtual reality and USB-C.
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2,370,180 subscribers
236,629,900 view

  • Android Authority

The about page of this channel reads –“Your source for all things Android!” Well, that’s all I want to say. If there’s any advancement in Android, these guys have it. From android device reviews to ‘the best of’ series, the content of this channel is great.
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1,190,949 subscribers

  • TechQuickie

This is one of my favorites. These guys have a great talent for explaining you the commonest technologies around us, which almost everyone assumes they know about it, but they don’t. Like the difference between Intel core i3, i5 and i7 processors – not everyone can give you the exact difference but these guys. Also, there ‘As fast as Possible’ series is a very intuitive one wherein they explain technical terms and technologies in sub six minutes.
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523,885 subscribers

  • CNET

I don’t think CNET needs any introduction. It’s one of the most-visited websites in the world, offering technology news, reviews, and downloads. Its video channel is insanely good, being updated regularly with clips covering a vast array of subjects. There are regular shows, battles between different products, and Top 5’s.
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858,293 subscribers

  • PhoneBuff

These guys have changed the way anyone would review gadgets. As mentioned in their intro video, “Back in 2012, we brought you the (often imitated) “PhoneBuff Style Comparison” where we go over a bunch of reasons why one device is better than another (and vice versa). Then, in 2013 we brought you the “PhoneBuff Style Speed Test” giving you the most real-world performance test on YouTube.” This year they’ll bring “PhoneBuff style drop test.
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427,781 subscribers

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