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Cortana to be released on iOS and Android

March 18, 2015

Soon, Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana will be available on iOS and Android as a standalone app, reports Reuters.

Earlier, Microsoft confirmed that it’ll be launching Cortana on all Windows devices via Windows 10. Microsoft is reported to have been developing an advanced version of Cortana, using research from an artificial intelligence project by the name “Einstein”.


Cortana can perform various functions ranging from updating on weather to dictating messages, but it seems like it’ll soon get some deeper understanding of how we live and work. That is, it’ll become smarter than ever.

Microsoft’s move of introducing Cortana on other platforms is just a step forward, in the direction of providing best Windows features to rival platforms in an attempt to improve upon itself.

Maybe, Google will also think of making its Google Now available on other platforms. However, it is too soon to talk of something like this. Presence of Cortana on other platforms will surely make a huge difference in terms of user experience. Let’s see what Cortana will offer in the future.

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