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Google’s new project to let you pay bills in Gmail

March 24, 2015

pony express 1
Google has a vast number of services that are used by millions of people worldwide. To the current lot of products, Google will be adding a new service later this year, that will enable you to pay your bills inside Gmail.

Yes, you heard it right. Now you need not go to the individual websites to pay the bills. Your Gmail app will become self-sufficient for this purpose. According to the article by Recode, Google is reportedly working on a project named Pony Express that will make bill payment as easy as sending an email.

pony express 2

As per Recode’s report, before starting to use the service, a user is expected to feed personal information – including name, address and Social Security – to provide to a third party which would verify his or her identity. The user may have to provide a credit card or account number too, depending upon the type of bill he/she is paying.

After verification, user can pay bills via Gmail or Inbox app. Apart from the bill payment, user can also forward bills to other people for splitting purposes and this process can also be automated. Google hasn’t made any official public statement about Pony Express, but this sure looks like another promising service from Google.

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