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Marvel Comics launches their API

May 8, 2015


This is the moment every superhero fanatic geek developer was waiting for. Marvel has released its first official RESTful API for developers, allowing them to access a huge database of the Marvel universe, for free. Countless number of dreams have come true with this news.

The Marvel Comics API allows developers everywhere to access information about Marvel’s vast library of comics—from what’s coming up, to 70 years ago. To be able to use the awesome API, you need to sign up to key the API key. You can also keep in touch with other fellow developers via the community page.

As of now, the API limits calls to 3000 per day. This number might seem small at this moment but, it enables developers to experiment with new content and maybe when Marvel relaxes the limit a bit, you can harness more customers.

You can see this link for any help on how to use the API.
Source: Marvel API

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