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Other uses of an Android Phone

January 18, 2015

We all are well aware of Android’s multitasking abilities. We also use our smartphone as music player, audio recording device, gaming device and many more. However, it can be used in many other ways too. The following apps can refuel your old android device.

1. Introduce your child into the world of AndroidIntroduceYourChildhoodToAndroid

Android phones can be converted into an educational tool for the kids. With apps like Kidoz and Kid’s Shell you can convert your android phone into a kid’s knowledge hub. You can control the features which your kid can use. It’s like a parental control for android device. Your obsolete smartphone can prove very useful for your kids.

Download Links:
Kidoz –
Kid’s Shell –

2. As a Media Player

You can connect your TV to your android device with MHL-HDMI cable. Although all android devices do not support this, if it does you get to watch awesome HD videos and movies on your TV via your device.
Use media player like MX Player to play videos on your TV.

3. Convert your device into a full-fledged SpeedometerSpeedometer

If you want to see more stats than just the speed and fuel indication, your Android device can be of great help. Ulysse Speedometer app converts your device into a fully functional speedometer. It can act as a trip computer, GPS Altimeter, GPS compass, average speed indicator, measure acceleration time and many more.

Download link:

4. A Time Lapse Camera:TimeLapseCamera

Time lapse is the technique multiple photographs are clicked at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. When the frames are shown at normal speed the action seems much faster. You can capture a sunrise/sunset or a celestial movement.
Lapse it is the app you need for this. Just get the app and a tripod mount for your phone and start capturing Time Lapse videos.

Download Link:

5. Desktop Control Device:DesktopControlDevice

You can use your device as a desktop controlling device for your Windows desktop. All you need is the app Power Grid by Roccat. Connect your desktop and android device to the same network and then let the app do the wonders. You need to download install the ROCCAT™ POWER-GRID™ host software on your PC to establish connection with the app.

Download Link:

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