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Skills you need to get a job at Google

November 25, 2014

Google is like heaven for software engineers. The prospect of working for Google is the most sought after dream of engineers. There’s a good news for would-be Googlers. The Google in Education team has released a list of skills that they want to see in potential engineers.

“To become a successful software engineer a solid foundation in computer science is must”, the company says. “This guide is a suggested path for university students to develop their technical skills academically and non-academically through self-paced, hands-on learning.”
Here is the list of skills Google expects to see in the computer science students who aspire to work with Google:

1. Learn to Code:

Learn to code in at least one object oriented programming language. There are a lot of options like C++, Java and Python. If possible master them.


2. Learn to Test code:

testprogramminglanguagesCoding alone isn’t sufficient. You also need to learn debugging the code efficiently. Most often, you’ll required to work upon the code that is already developed. In these scenarios, debugging comes in handy.

3. Understand Algorithms and Data Structures:

It’s always beneficial to have a clear understanding of commonly used data structures like stacks and queues. Knowledge of various standard algorithms is also necessary. Data structures and algorithms are the essential steps in mastering any programming language.

4. Learn other programming languages:

Apart from learning object oriented languages, you need to learn web development languages too. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby are the most used ones.


5. Learn parallel programming:

As ability to carry out multiple computations at the same time is powerful. Parallel programming is one of the most powerful and commonly used technique to speed up processing.

6. Learn about Operating Systems:

Since operating systems are the platforms upon which you work, getting to understand them is always beneficial.

7. Familiarize with Artificial Intelligence:

Learn this because that’s what we’ll be using in the near future. Google has a lot of projects based on Artificial Intelligence.

8. Learn basics of abstract math:

Because a lot of computer science fundamentals are based on logical reasoning and discrete math.

9. Work on Cryptography:

As cryptography is essential part of cyber security and security is always a serious issue to work on.

10. Learn to build Compilers:

This will help you analyze how high level language programs are converted into low level language programs that is used by machines, which will increase your understanding of how a computer machine works.

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