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Solitaire is back on Windows 10

May 4, 2015


Microsoft took some bold steps when designing Windows 8. The operating system broke many of the Microsoft’s design and features conventions. And, as is the result it received a wave of criticism for the doings. For, Microsoft it was indeed a good experiment, as it got to know what is right for them.

Among the major changes that Microsoft committed, removal of the start button and beloved games like solitaire were prominent. While the former was restored in Windows 8.1, the latter wasn’t.

This year, Solitaire will celebrate its 25th anniversary since it was launched in 1990 in windows 3.0. To celebrate this moment, Windows has decided to bring back the solitaire as a pre-loaded app on windows 10. Although you can download solitaire independently later on in Windows 8. However, it wasn’t available as a preloaded app.

This is Microsoft’s one more step towards earning back the trust and love it somewhat lost in Windows 8. Learn more about windows 10 here

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