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What is Microsoft HoloLens?!

January 5, 2015



The new Dimension to Reality – Microsoft HoloLens.

For quite a while the technology has been advancing quite quickly and in an efficient way. It has only and only made our lives easier and our work more efficient. Advancement has led to technologies being more personal. Be it from punch cards to keyboard or be it from mice to touchpads. With each advancement, the distance between us and the technology has decreased.

And Microsoft has taken a step ahead in to the future of computing.

See the world differently:

Microsft in the Windows 10 January event published its project that they have been working upon for quite a while, involving holographic computing.

Now what exactly are holograms?
Holograms are 3D images created using lasers, diffraction, interference, light intensity and other physical phenomenon.
Holographic Computing is a type of computing used to create holograms and depect physical reality. It gives rise to Augmented Reality, a sense of altering the current physical environment with multimedia objects or holograms while still being able to see and interact with the present environment in real time.

How amazing it would be if your skype calls are present in the real world 3D space and you could interact with the real time objects in an amazing way? Holograms are the objects which help you interact with them and do certain actions in the real space and time.
Now to really implement this amazing thing, we need certain technology to collect all the information and make it function.

MicrosoftHoloLensPic The microsoft HoloLens is a High Defination Head Mounted Display bringing Holograms to your real world, giving a whole new kick to holographic computing with the help of Windows 10. Using Hololens you can interact with holograms, shape them or even resize them according to your needs.

With HoloLens, you can place the holograms on the physical couch or pin it to your wall or refrigirator. It transforms your world into your customizable canvas.

The Microsoft HoloLens is totally wireless, that is, there is no need for it to be tethered with your phone or laptop. It has its own CPUs to process loads of information around you.


The HoloLens has Transparent HD Holographic lenses which projects the holograms into the real space and in the meanwhile you never lose the sight of the real world around you! Spatial sound that is included into the head gear, make you hear the holograms around you even if they are behind you.
There are TeraBytes of data that is being processed by the HoloLens. For this, it is associated with loads of sensors which collect and process huge amount of information regarding your environment, read your gestures, the way you interact with them.
The HoloLens has its own CPU and GPU. But to analyse terabytes of data, working and processing of holograms, more power was required. Therefore, Microsoft invented a 3rd processor known as the Holographic processor or HPU which readily analyzes all the data to be processed.

IFWTMicrosoftHoloLens All in all HoloLens is a very powerful device and would really give a hard time to its competitors in the market be it, Google Glass or Oculus Rift. Neither of them can present the concept any more efficiently as the HoloLens does.
You need to have a bed time story? How amazing it would be if you could actually be in the story? Or possibly play a game of Need For Speed with really sitting in the car and driving it. What if the whole wall transforms into a movie screen?


HoloLens can surely extend the meaning of AUGMENTING the world.

About the author: Vakul Sehgal
21 Yrs old, Tech enthusiast, Proud Windows Phone owner. Main field of interest is 3D Printing and a little bit into Web Development. IIIrd year, Engineering Student. Delhite and a Foodie off the charts! | Get Tech Addicted...
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