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Windows 10 Explained!

October 1, 2014

The Next Generation Windows: WINDOWS 10

After the huge success of its predecessor, Microsoft unveils the next step towards technological brilliance by introducing Windows 10, a successor to windows 8 & 8.1. The downloads to the same crossed more than a million in a very short period. Now, you might be thinking, “What went wrong with windows 9?”! Well according to Microsoft, Windows 9 came and went away. When officially asked from Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore, Microsoft chiefs, they rather than seriously, answered back in a humorous way saying “Seven ate nine”.

Windows 10 is currently available as a Technical Preview to the general mass for download. One needs to have a Windows live account and voila, you are good to go. It is available as the Windows Insider Program and is available on the Windows Technical preview page. (Technical Preview is a version issued even prior to the consumer preview. So it contains even more bugs and is not termed as the final retail version.) The people who have downloaded, get periodic updates and bug fixes. The bigger patches are known as preview builds which add significant functionalities to the windows. People can opt for two settings to avail the updates: Fast and slow. The faster settings allows the user to get faster updates with more bugs and problems which have not been tested or developed to a mass no. of computers. The slow update option whilst offers more stable updates and have significantly lesser bugs. Microsoft promises the final version to be a free upgrade to not only windows 8.1 users but to Windows 8 and Windows 7 users well!

Say goodbye to the Start Screen.

NoMoreStartScreen Now many of you are seriously going to miss this thing.

The metro styled Start Screen has now been taken down from the new Windows 10. Sad?!

But on the other hand, “The return of the Start Menu” happened. Now, the start menu again pops up at the left of the screen buy either clicking the start button on the Screen or keyboard.

Old is gold. The new start menu works pretty same as it was witnessed in the earlier windows. Just with some new twists and add-ons.


In addition to it, the start menu now has all your metro styled app tiles on the right. The more apps you pin to the start menu, the bigger it gets. The menu includes a search box at the lower left corner for searching out your apps or files instantly. On the left you have your general selections including File Explorer, Computer or say your recently visited apps.
To pin an app, here is where the right key of your mouse comes in use. Just right click the app and click pin to start. It instantly gets pinned to the start menu.

Work smarter with Task View

Windows 10 adds a whole new dimension to smart computing and multitasking by introducing the Task View button. TaskViewButton

Clicking on it, it splits the screen and produces in front of you all the running apps simultaneously, more like a Virtual desktop. If its way too crowded and you want to add more apps to it, then what? The Task View button helps you to add more desktops virtually so as to make it cleaner and hassle free.

After updating with the Build 9860, one can simply use the Old School Win+Tab keys to switch between the currently running apps.

The Notification Center

Post the introduction of the new build 9860, one of the most anticipated feature, The NotificNotificationCenteration Center, was added to the new Action Center. It falls at the lower right corner of the screen, in the taskbar.

It includes all the notifications from the apps you might have installed including Skype, Facebook, OneDrive, emails, IMs or even the normal system notifications


Taking a step further: Cortana Integration


Microsoft’s very own personal assistant has unfolded new future possibilities. Cortana, the name being picked from Microsoft’s Halo series, is its own personal assistant which keeps track of your day to day activities and makes using you phone or PC way easier.

Microsoft promises to integrate Cortana in its later builds. Cortana would keep track of your emails, appointments, reminders, alarms, flights, meetings and much more! The more you interact with her, the more she is able to understand you.


In the recent Windows 10 event, it was depicted that Windows 10 will extend its hands towards even more devices including Windows Phones, Xbox, Surface tablets etc. The technical previews for the same would start from February.

Also, after the introduction of Windows 10, there would be a huge boost in the Store with loads of more apps including a whole new universal Photos app along with a redefined Outlook with better gesture support and color coding.

Project Spartan is the new Windows 10 browser. That means good bye to the older internet explorer. It has a sparkling new interface, including an impressive new reading mode and a faster rendering engine.
The final version may perhaps look much better and significantly less buggy as well. Till then, Tech Preview is the way to go…

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