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Youtube Goes Offline!

December 11, 2014

Following the update of materialistic design, YouTube rolled out a new update which enables users to view videos offline. Caeser Sengupta, Product Management Director at Google said during the launch event, “Within the coming few weeks, much of YouTube will be available offline in India. This is huge, and our users will really, really like this. You can download a video once, save it to your phone, and watch it again and again.”

The new feature will be available inside YouTube mobile app. With this feature, people can choose to add the video for offline viewing by tapping on the offline icon that sits under the video frame. According to Google, videos can be played back without an internet connection for 48 hours once taken offline. It adds that a large part of popular YouTube content in India is already available for users to view offline.

YouTube Offline 1 YouTube Offline 3 YouTube Offline 2
Steps :-
1. First of all, ensure you are using the latest version of the Youtube App. (The update available on Play Store is dependent on your mobile’s Android Version, so, it’s not necessary that you’ll get this update if you have a very old version of Android OS)
2. Under the videos available for offline viewing, select any video (not all videos will be available). You will see an extra button to download them.
3. Clicking on this button will ask you about the resolution that you want to downloaded the video in.
4. Choose a resolution of your choice (at the moment, only 360p and 720p are available). Videos are downloaded by default when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. But you can also change the settings for this.
5. Once the video is downloaded, it is saved under Offline category. When the phone is connected to a network all YouTube categories are available. But when it has no data connection, only Offline category is available. You can click on any video saved in Offline category and it will play.

Most of the YouTube content in India is now enabled for offline viewing including video content from popular publishing houses like T-Series, Saregama and Yashraj Films.
This feature is only available in India, Indonesia and Philippines for now.

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