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The Air Report [5/12/16]

Air purifiers! Now on your nearest roads!!

December 5, 2016
Image Courtesy: Viktor Kiryanov []

Image Courtesy: Viktor Kiryanov []

PM10 Level (Safe): 100 micrograms per cubic metre

PM10 Level (Delhi):999

PM10 Level (Beijing):96

PM2.5 Level (Safe): 60 micrograms per cubic metre

PM2.5 Level (Delhi): 341

PM2.5 Level (Beijing):191

PM2.5 Level (New York): 17

The winter’s first fog arived in Delhi on December 30.

Oh, my bad.


So, we were talking about the children.

“Children are outdoors more than adults, they are more physically active and they breathe more per unit size of their bodies, so the impact on them will be greater than on adults.’’ [ThinkProgress]

Eight-year-old George Stewart had an asthma attack during his half-mile walk to school in Eltham, south-east London, on Wednesday morning. His mother, Leanne, said: “It’s usually quite an easy walk but I’m still breathless now. I could feel my chest getting tighter and tighter, and my son had to stop and have his inhaler I went light-headed and had to get a bus back. It’s only half a mile and I usually do it twice a day, no problem. … I’ve never had that problem before. My son felt like the air wasn’t getting into his lungs, so I’m worried about him today.” [The Guardian]

4 out of every 10 school-going children in Delhi suffer from severe lung problems. [Daily Mail]

What shocked her was how quickly his breathing eased. They arrived at night, and he slept so peacefully that she reduced the steroid treatments to every four hours. The next morning, she watched through the window as he played outside. She called her husband, crying, and said it was time to leave Delhi. [NY Times]

Yes, reduced air pollution has led to increased health benefits in children. This is not me saying it. This is a 20-year study in one of the (formerly) most polluted cities in the world, Los Angeles. [USC News]

What happened this week?

We have yet another action plan! Yippee! Oh, wait, it’s different this time; guess what? It’s a graded action plan!! [DNA]

‘Union Environment Secretary Ajay Narayan Jha said on Friday that Delhi and its adjoining States had been “weak” in enforcing guidelines to curb air pollution.’ That’s the same Central government, on November 5, 2016. Really curious to know how they make it different this time. [The Hindu]

‘But this one too may meet the same fate as the Centre’s 42-point NCR plan announced on December 30, 2015 and the Delhi government’s submission to the SC on December 16, 2015.’ [TOI]

The Supreme Court also asked the Centre to look into the use and resultant effect on pollution of furnace oil and petroleum coke in NCR. Given the evidence on offer, the simple solution is to ban it. [Deccan Herald]

“The sight in my left eye is deteriorating and every time the dust levels go up I can feel an itch in my eyes. Delhi is not the best place to grow old but where should I go, when my family is settled here?” he wonders.

A study by Global Burden of Diseases in 2015 showed that out of the 3,283 premature deaths because of exposure to toxic pollution in India, around 40% were above the age of 60.

Part of an excellent series by The Hindustan  Times. [HT]

The Delhi government plans to install air purifiers at five major intersections in the city, which can ‘reduce carbon monoxide and particulate emission by 40%-60% in a 20-30m radius during peak traffic hours. The project is expected to cost around Rs 60 lakh.’. I’m having a hard time reining in the sarcasm.[TOI]

“If you are in a room with one door, it makes perfect sense to filter the air. But what sense does it make if there are no walls altogether? How is that efficient or effective in filtering the air?” [Scroll]


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