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5 browser extensions to keep trackers at bay

June 22, 2015

We can’t imagine our life without the internet. With all the advance development done in this field, we’re privileged to have access to numerous facilities which make our lives easier. But, everything comes with a price. All our online activity is being tracked, whether we like it or not. Many websites and browsers use trackers to keep a track of every website we visit. Some do it to provide more ‘personalized’ and efficient facilities or for some other reasons. Here is a list of extensions which you can use to keep these trackers at bay.

  • Duck Duck Go Extension

duckduckgo extension

Duck Duck Go search engine is my favorite alternative to Google. The best part of using this search engine is that it never tracks your activity, unlike others. I do admit that leaving Google aside altogether is tough, this is where the duckduckgo extension fits in.
It provides you amalgamated search results of Google and DuckDuckGo. It is available for both Chrome and Mozilla.
Download for Chrome and Firefox.

  • Disconnect

disconnect extension

This extension is one of the most downloaded extensions to block trackers. It provides intuitive statistics which lets you know who all have been tracking you. The extension icon also displays a number which shows the number of scripts blocked by it.
You can even upgrade to premium. In the premium subscription of Disconnect, you stop hackers and identity theft and few other good features. It supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well.
Download for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Ghostery

Ghostery Extension

Ghostery is almost similar to disconnect. It lets you block trackers that’ve been following you on the web. You can also enable/disable individual trackers.
There is a special ‘Ghostrank’ feature which puts Ghostery on an intelligent mode. In this mode, Ghostery learns from your activities and provides more efficient performance. Since, this is a lot similar to Disconnect, you can use both and decide which works better for you.
This is also available for Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla.
Download for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Keep My-Opt-Outs

Keep my-opt-outs extension

There are very few areas for which Google doesn’t have any product. And this certainly isn’t. “Keep My Opt-Outs is an extension for users who aren’t comfortable with personalization of the ads they see on the web. It’s a one-step, persistent opt-out of personalized advertising and related data tracking performed by companies adopting the industry privacy standards for online advertising.” As stated in the description of this extension.
This extension basically works on advertisements. You might have noticed that based on your online activity the ads shown to you change. This is due to the use of cookies. Keep My-Opt-Outs Permanently opts your browser out of online ad personalization via cookies.
Download for Chrome.

  • Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger extension

You might be thinking every extension mentioned above does the same thing, almost. So what is it exactly that makes this extension different? According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation – the creators of Privacy Badger, other extensions require some custom configuration to block non-consensual trackers, whereas Privacy Badger doesn’t. It is being developed as a code base that can be used by other browsers as well as extensions to stop tracking.
Download for Chrome and Firefox.

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