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5 ‘new tab’ extensions for chrome

April 29, 2015

We all spent a lot of time on the internet and that makes the browser our new desktop window. Well, now a majority of people use Chrome, and to increase the utility of Chrome various extensions are available. Some extensions provide us the modified new tab window. Here are in no particular order, the best five among them.

  • Dayboard


This extension imbibes to-do list onto your new tab page. Creating these is really easy, and going by the way people open new tabs, this is really efficient in reminding people what all tasks they need to accomplish. You can even view your task history. Cool, isn’t it?
Download Dayboard

  • Dream Afar New Tab

dream afar

After installing this extension, whenever you open up a new tab, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful wallpaper. Along with this, you get to see the time, location, weather, most used websites, bookmarks and history as well! You might be thinking that all this will mess it up. It won’t. The developers have combined all this very neatly. Have a look yourself.
Download Dream Afar new Tab

  • Earth View from Google Maps

Earth view from google map

How can Google not develop something which will ease the work of the user? Well, they’ve done a pretty good job by displaying a beautiful and unique Satellite image from Google Maps every time you open a new tab. You can click the Globe icon in the lower right corner to launch the current view in Google Maps. This is the minimalist new tab extension you can have.
Download Earth View from Google Maps

  • Currently


This extension is pretty neat too. It shows you the current time and date along with the weather report of the current day, along with the weather report of next four days as well. This also boasts simple and sleek design with minimalist features.
Download currently

  • Cardboard


The developers of this extensions have used Google’s material design to the fullest. You get to see various features like Downloads, history, apps, bookmarks, top visited sites and system specifications in cardboard layout – characteristic of material design.
Download cardboard

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