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ABP (Adblock Plus) launches an Android browser

May 20, 2015

ABP browser

Chances are very high that you’ve used or at least heard of ABP (Ad Blocker Plus). This browser plug-in is one of the most efficient and popular advertisement blocker tool used by users. It is as efficient as it should be.

ABP team has a good news for its fans – they’ve launched an Android browser. What’s new in this, you ask? Well, this browser has ABP’s qualities in its genes. Yes, you read that right, a browser that will get rid of advertisements automatically without installing any add-on.

The product is in its Beta testing phase. The team developed a separate browser because of certain limitations it suffered on its Adblock Plus for Android – “interference with another service or product” on Google Play being one of them. However, the ABP team developed the browser keeping Firefox as its base. So, now it has overcome all the problems it faced.

To download the beta version, you need to join their Google+ community .Further instruction are provided there.

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