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Chrome issues

May 15, 2015


We’ve loved Chrome since its inception in 2008, for the simplicity and speed which this gem of Google provided seamlessly. These two factors gave Chrome an edge over Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The popularity of Chrome grew so fast that it grabbed most of the market share of Internet Explorer in no time. Its popularity is ever increasing. However, lately Chrome has become irritating.

You all can observe one thing anytime. If you open up too many tabs in Chrome, the load on the processor is so high that to keep the temperature at the optimum level the fan has to work like a maniac. The weird noise coming from the fan is the outcome of this. So what exactly is wrong with Chrome?

While two factors gave Chrome an edge over others, another pair of reasons can result in the downfall of its popularity. Almost all the techies around the world have started noticing that Chrome is a foodie who loves to eat memory. Seriously, just open up the task manager and see the mammoth chunk of memory allotted to Chrome. This results in compromises in efficiency.

Chrome Memory

Another big flaw is poor battery performance. According to the Verge, Chrome can single-handedly cause a drop in the battery backup of around three and a half hour in MacBook. And this problem is irrelative to the Operating System used. That’s a serious issue.

Although the popularity charts of Chrome has a large positive slope, if Google didn’t pay attention to these issues it will surely incur the damages.

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