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Facebook launches messenger’s stand-alone browser version

April 9, 2015


Facebook has turned Facebook messenger into a dedicated chatting website. It launched the stand-alone browser version of its messenger, available at messenger.

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All of it is in accordance with the new Messenger features the company announced at F8 a few weeks ago, such as third-party app integration and the upcoming Messenger Business.

Using the service is extremely easy. You just need a Facebook account for this and going by the number of Facebook users, it doesn’t look something impractical. Just log on to the website using your Facebook account and you’re ready to go. The website will load all your chats and you can then experience your conversations in a much better way as now, you get a full-screen experience wherein the images, emojis and stickers look livelier.

There’s a link at the top which redirects you to the messenger app page. From there you can download messenger app for your smartphone.

The screen is divided into three sections. The left pane shows all the recent chat tabs, the middle one reflects your ongoing chat while the right-hand side pane gives you the option to mute the chat or to look up the profile of the person you’re chatting with.

Options to make call or video chat is provided too. You can also hide/unhide the rightmost section with the click of a button provided alongside the video calling button.

This step from Facebook is commendable, as it takes messenger closer to being an independent full fledged platform for socializing.

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