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Facebook Next Mission: Conquer The World!

March 25, 2015


At the ongoing F8 Facebook Conference, the social media giant has announced game-changing alterations in its facebook-worldservice, that expands Messenger into a wholesome, integrated platform, gives Facebook Video much impetus and offers even more extensive integration for developers than before.

Although these are welcome changes that aim to make the users’ Facebook experience richer than ever before, by enculcating everything from chatting with friends to online payments in a single platform, but on the flipside, it may spell doom for the internet.

Why, you may ask. The simple answer to this question is that you cannot turn a blind eye to Facebook anymore. This lesson was well learnt by Zynga and The Washington Post in the recent past. Everyone is on Facebook, and if you’re not, you risk being the outcast. Facebook’s claws are now digging deep into the flesh of the internet, with it single-handedly steering social networking, messaging services (Messenger, WhatsApp), advertising (Paid Ads, LiveRail, Pages), online payments to friends, online retaling, virtual reality (Oculus), gaming, news, video (Facebook Video), development platforms (Parse) and pictures (Instagram).


This is not the first time a company is trying its hand at internet autocracy. AOL attempted a similar stunt back in the 90’s, and now they are merely a pinprick in the vast ocean that is the Internet. But Facebook’s blueprint is another ballgame altogether. It has systematically made its way into our lives and is here to stay. What we are now looking forward to is the weapons that companies like Google will shell out from their arsenal. The war-sirens are ringing and the internet battle is underway, and we will all be here to witness the crossfire. Stay tuned for more updates. | Get Tech Addicted...
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