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Gmail’s ‘undo send’ feature clears testing phase.

June 23, 2015


Google finally lifted the ‘under testing’ tag from its ‘undo e-mail send’ feature. After what has been speculated as the longest beta testing period of 6 years, Gmail finally has the ability to undo your sent mail.

You can configure this feature from your general settings. You can enable/disable this feature and set the bracket during which this the option to revert the sent mail shall be available.

gmail undo send

This feature was being tested in the ‘Google Labs‘ – the official testing center of Google, since March 2009.The feature will prove a boon to a large number of people who commit typos, or they forget to attach the documents with mail and click send.

Last month Google lifted the invite only restriction from e-mail app Inbox. It is now available to everyone and also boasts the ‘Undo Send’ feature.
Source: Google Apps Update Blog

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