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Google hides Google+ profile link on its services

June 2, 2015

google+ profile link

Google constantly modifies its services, we all know this. When Google launched its own social networking website Google+, it wanted it to be the center of attraction. However, in this latest update Google+ has been reduced to a mere app.

If you try any Google service now, you will notice that you cannot directly go to your Google+ profile just by clicking on your name on the navigational links given on the top right of the page. Earlier, the name used to be a hyperlink which redirected you to your Google+ profile. Now, it is nothing more than a watermark – non-clickable.

google+ profile link-2

You can still access your Google+ profile, but now you’ve to click on the app selector first. This might seem a minor change but who knows this might a small part of the big strategy which Google is planning. After all, nothing happens without any reason in Google.

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