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Google to add ‘buy button’ to product’s mobile search results

May 16, 2015


If you want to look up for a product online, there are big chances that you’ll search it on Google first, and then you’ll proceed to the e-commerce site like Amazon or Flipkart. Taking cue from this, Google is reportedly developing ‘buy buttons’.

These buy buttons will be available only on mobile sites. The reason being, more people use the internet over the phone than on PCs. To harness the possibility of a mobile user buying a product, Google has taken this step. They will be part of sponsored (paid) search results within a “Shop on Google” page. Buttons will not appear on non-sponsored results generated from basic Google search. This step will definitely affect Amazon and other online shopping websites.

Google is developing a separate product page to which the user will be redirected after it clicks on the buy button. There he/she can select from various customization options available – size, color, payment etc. While users will get more options for shopping, online retailers aren’t happy about this. They fear that the Google’s brand value will cause a dip in the number of customers.
Source: Wall Street Journal Article

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