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Instagram’s new advertisement policy

June 2, 2015

instagram ads

Advertisements are a big source of income for all the online ventures. And in the case of social networking websites the revenue generated by these is humongous. Almost every social networking website out there uses advertisements to generate revenue.

Facebook has resisted prompting users on Instagram with ads. But these days will be history soon. Instagram has come up with a special category of ads, called “direct response” ads, which prompt users to buy, or sign up for something. It is also being said that the advertisers will have access to your data at granular level via Facebook. (Let’s not forget that Facebook owns Instagram).

The new format, will be somewhat interesting, as by mere clicking of button the users will be directed to the product page wherein you can have your transaction in a mini browser and after you’re done with that you can go back to using Instagram.

Source: Instagram’s blog

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